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[Comic is from Xkcd by Randall Munroe]



Are you free?

And not merely economical freedom or the illusion of democracy. Are you free in your thoughts, words, and actions?

Are you truly?

Would you call taping your mouth shut freedom? Because pretty words matter only when accompanied by a pretty face. 

Is thinking horrendous self depreciating thoughts freedom just because your society taught you so?

And since when does freedom translate to saying crap about anyone and everyone just because you  are entitled to your opinions?  

Is this what freedom means to you? Is the definition of freedom we want the future to be defined by?

So, are you free? Free to speak what you think, because, dammit, you matter? Free to act out on your thoughts? 

Do you have the freedom to be you? Unhesitatingly, unapologetically you ?

Do you cultivate that kind of freedom for others? 

Have you celebrated “Independence day” yet?

Have you?

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Look into a mirror. See that person? That’s “the one”. That’s the person you are going to be spending your whole life with- the one who knows your craziest talents and deepest insecurities. That’s the one right there. The person in the mirror. 

Are you happy with them? So you smile at the every time you greet them? Do you talk nice about them to others? Do you treat them well? After all, they’re going to be with you for a little while. 

Did you know, that person loves you? Knows you  and loves you. Do you know how proud that reflection is that they chose you? That it is you  they are reflecting? Do you impart the same love? Do you hug them or even smile at them? Do you reciprocate? Have you? Can you? Will you?

Treat them better because they are the one you’re going to be spending the most time with. The one who was there when no one else was and the one who will be there when everyone else pretends to be. 

Love them. Cherish them. There’s never going to be anyone quite like them. Smile at the mirror and caress the reflection. Show them how deeply you care. Because no matter how many people you believe you have, you will always remain the sole receiver of your reflection’s radiant grin. Make it count. 

How to kill a fictional character (and take the one way route to hell)

How to kill a fictional character: (A guide for beginners)

Do you want to be evil? Do you want to make people cry? Do you bathe in the tears of your readers? Do you want to be John Green? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the future of broken hearts. 

Let’s do some killing!

Step 1: Write a story.  Be it fanfics, novels or a meaningless drabble, the first thing you need to do is write. This is like laying out your territory. Even if the story seems all rainbows and laughter, don’t despair! The manliest of tears are shed this way.

Step 2: Develop characters. Make them with love. Add sugar and spice and everything nice according to serving proportions. Make them as loveable as possible. 

Step 3: Make the readers fall in love. Give your lovelies a dark past or the ability to smile through pain and make everyone happy. Give them lots of feelings, angst or otherwise. You can even make them a pure ball of fluff. Make the readers fall for them. Fast. Hard.

Step 4: Bring them to a happy place. Give them memories, laughter and dreams. Make them happy. Make the unapproachable one open up. Deliver tantalising tales of romantic conquests. Let your readers find joy which they lack in their own life, in the lives of your beloved characters.

Step 5: Kill them. (Ah, the step that we’d been waiting for). It’s a good death if the blow comes unexpectedly. It’s even better if their death is a sacrificial one. 

Note: Last words are important. Make them as hysterical-sobbing inducing as possible.

Step 6: Admire your handiwork. Feast upon the agony and terror reflected in the eyes of yours readers. Commit to memory how they turn each page with trembling fingers and glistening eyes. Soak it up. Enjoy it while you can. You’re going to hell later anyway.

Remember, some of the best stories are based on real life…

Alive or just breathing?

How would you feel if you were an empty envelope- waiting, wanting- to fulfill your purpose? Your destiny?

My papa had told me, “Son, make us proud.” And I had vowed I would.

I lost my mama to pretty letters and lingering kisses and my papa thereafter to the heavy responsibility of scribbled numbers. I longed for the caresses, the font to mark my chest and the kiss to seal me closed. I yearned to fulfil my destiny and be sent to places unknown.

They seem like a dream now. Like delicate threads of hope slipping through my fingers. I lie in a musty corner of a nameless cupboard. Alone. Forgotten. Every second that passes chips away at the gaping hole in my heart, threatening to swallow me whole. 

I ache for the sun to light up the dust motes on my face. For loving touches to wipe away the dust streaks on my cheeks. For words and scribbles to fill the void and fate to run its course so that I may part ways with the darkness that envelops* me and reach the destination that awaits.

I lie. I wait.

Alone. Forgotten.

For eternity.

*Pun intended


Is a part of you still laden with dust? Are you a singer waiting to be heard, an artist wanting to be seen, a writer bandaging the ink that bleeds out of your every pore or just a nerd waiting to be unleashed?

You see, life might be short but it’s the longest thing you’ll ever experience. Make it worth your while. Make it worth more than just a smile or mere existence. Make your life live up to the amazing person that you are. 

Your life awaits. 

Are you alive or just breathing?

People don’t change

Yes, it’s a House MD reference. But, for once, not in a bad way. Hear me out. 

I went to the movies with my mom and her friends (beggars can’t be choosers). Afterwards, seated on chair tucked away in a corner of table overflowing with food, friends and laughter, one could see the identical ferocity of giggles or rapid 🔥 of gossip and roaring laughter that people associate with teenagers. 
What if we never really grow up? Up and away from our childhood fears and our teenage insecurities? What if we just learn to suppress those thoughts? What if we just learn to conceal them and box it away in the regal cupboard of “maturity”? Are you, as an adult, not supposed to break down? Can you never eat ice cream for breakfast? Can you never sing in the shower or wear mismatched socks just for the heck of it ?

I don’t think that is the case. I think you still sing in the shower. You just learn to be quieter. You still break down but the cracks in your facade go unnoticed. You still throw longing looks towards the ice cream before turning to your bowl of oats. 

You don’t need to unleash your inner child. You just need to let go of your outer adult. You need to be you. Unashamedly. Unhesitatingly. Stop lying to yourself. Go ahead and squeeze each drop of happiness from life. Live the way you were meant to- fully. 

Stay selfish. Stay happy. 

Yes. Yes, you heard that right.  Allow me to elaborate before you sign me up for crazy camp. 

Selfishness really will take you a long way. 

That is, if you believe as I do, and put your faith, or at least a portion of it, into karma. 

It sure does take the load off the heavy work of revenge or makes the anticipation of the outcomes somewhat easier. If nothing else, it’s easier than hiding the bodies. It may not happen instantaneously; like someone shoves you and the very next moment they are eaten by sharks. But have patience and let karma do its work. You may even now have a list of people you think have been overseen by karma. But believe me, no one is free from the burden if their dues. 

Therefore, be selfish. Do good and see good happen to you. Never miss out on the little miracles that make you feel lucky. It may be your reward for that little act of kindness you committed yesterday. Do good because it’ll come around to you someday. And in this way, be selfish. It’s like putting a few good deeds in store for a later miracle. And here, being greedy is a good thing.

At any rate, we all’ve got this one life. Its always better to be remembered for good. And if you believe in rebirth, who knows, maybe you’ll end up as some billionaire’s kid?

How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours.                             -Wayne Dyer

So, the next time someone tries to hurts you, reward them with your best evil smirk and say “I believe in karma and very soon you will too…”