Hello World. 

Welcome bored, interested and curious alike.

Here you can ask questions about anything and everything- be it personal troubles, a random life question or even an actual nerd question.

You’ll even find foodforthought, the life (crap) that happens, justathought, overlapping with a plethora of brown study.

Feel free to ask or vent. You can ask about my choice of username, why North Pole is warmer than South Pole, how to be the most confident person in the room, friendship troubles, about Schrodinger’s (in)famous 🐈-and just about everything else.

To the people from India- cbse and parental pressure victims- I feel you. And to the rest of the world- flood of emotions, problems with the worst possible timing, pressures, suffocation and oh, expectations (!) transverse boundaries. I am here for you.

I update quite frequently unless unavoidable circumstances like the end of world or exams (they kind of mean the same thing).

Like and comment. It would mean a lot.

[Comic is from Xkcd by Randall Munroe]


6 thoughts on “Hello World. 

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