Stay selfish. Stay happy. 

Yes. Yes, you heard that right.  Allow me to elaborate before you sign me up for crazy camp. 

Selfishness really will take you a long way. 

That is, if you believe as I do, and put your faith, or at least a portion of it, into karma. 

It sure does take the load off the heavy work of revenge or makes the anticipation of the outcomes somewhat easier. If nothing else, it’s easier than hiding the bodies. It may not happen instantaneously; like someone shoves you and the very next moment they are eaten by sharks. But have patience and let karma do its work. You may even now have a list of people you think have been overseen by karma. But believe me, no one is free from the burden if their dues. 

Therefore, be selfish. Do good and see good happen to you. Never miss out on the little miracles that make you feel lucky. It may be your reward for that little act of kindness you committed yesterday. Do good because it’ll come around to you someday. And in this way, be selfish. It’s like putting a few good deeds in store for a later miracle. And here, being greedy is a good thing.

At any rate, we all’ve got this one life. Its always better to be remembered for good. And if you believe in rebirth, who knows, maybe you’ll end up as some billionaire’s kid?

How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours.                             -Wayne Dyer

So, the next time someone tries to hurts you, reward them with your best evil smirk and say “I believe in karma and very soon you will too…” 


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