People don’t change

Yes, it’s a House MD reference. But, for once, not in a bad way. Hear me out. 

I went to the movies with my mom and her friends (beggars can’t be choosers). Afterwards, seated on chair tucked away in a corner of table overflowing with food, friends and laughter, one could see the identical ferocity of giggles or rapid 🔥 of gossip and roaring laughter that people associate with teenagers. 
What if we never really grow up? Up and away from our childhood fears and our teenage insecurities? What if we just learn to suppress those thoughts? What if we just learn to conceal them and box it away in the regal cupboard of “maturity”? Are you, as an adult, not supposed to break down? Can you never eat ice cream for breakfast? Can you never sing in the shower or wear mismatched socks just for the heck of it ?

I don’t think that is the case. I think you still sing in the shower. You just learn to be quieter. You still break down but the cracks in your facade go unnoticed. You still throw longing looks towards the ice cream before turning to your bowl of oats. 

You don’t need to unleash your inner child. You just need to let go of your outer adult. You need to be you. Unashamedly. Unhesitatingly. Stop lying to yourself. Go ahead and squeeze each drop of happiness from life. Live the way you were meant to- fully. 


5 thoughts on “People don’t change

  1. Its a long drawn effort u know ..learning to b u …unapologetically..unhesitatingly ..letting go of the outer adult occasionally is a need …constant childlike me wud make my carefully preserved world go for stupefied spin ..!! Cant risk myself getting on my own nerves..!!
    Outing with frnds is cathartic ..liberating …the much needed spice n respite ..

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