Mirror mirror on the wall 

Look into a mirror. See that person? That’s “the one”. That’s the person you are going to be spending your whole life with- the one who knows your craziest talents and deepest insecurities. That’s the one right there. The person in the mirror. 

Are you happy with them? So you smile at the every time you greet them? Do you talk nice about them to others? Do you treat them well? After all, they’re going to be with you for a little while. 

Did you know, that person loves you? Knows you  and loves you. Do you know how proud that reflection is that they chose you? That it is you  they are reflecting? Do you impart the same love? Do you hug them or even smile at them? Do you reciprocate? Have you? Can you? Will you?

Treat them better because they are the one you’re going to be spending the most time with. The one who was there when no one else was and the one who will be there when everyone else pretends to be. 

Love them. Cherish them. There’s never going to be anyone quite like them. Smile at the mirror and caress the reflection. Show them how deeply you care. Because no matter how many people you believe you have, you will always remain the sole receiver of your reflection’s radiant grin. Make it count. 


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